Truly international work demands a truly international partner


As on-going globalization continues to raise the importance of logistics, companies are confronted by a shortage of experts in the field. While risks from natural disasters, and currency and geo-political crises are not diminishing. The companies that succeed will innovate in areas such as ‘intelligent’ containers and green logistics. Demanding not just experts with relevant skills, but partners who operate internationally and understand why logistics is about more than moving cargo from A to B.


Brunel has the expertise to bring it all together


Brunel has experts where our clients need them in the world. Planners, coordinators, controllers and managers in logistics, purchasing and global strategic sourcing. People who can optimize your logistics chains, negotiate material contracts, establish supplier and information networks, and plan, develop and implement logistics and IT systems. With know-how in key areas from SAP WM/MM to RFID. While our multi-lingual workforce and local cultural awareness can give your business a real edge.