Defense Systems


Defense experts that put your business on the offensive


Fierce global competition, a heavy reliance on government agencies, exacerbated by a lack of experts with a military background remain the challenges for the defense sector. But there are opportunities enough for companies that can develop tomorrow’s solutions. From improved vehicle interlinking and GPS tracking to online service portals and crewless vessels. But to seize those opportunities companies will need talented professionals with the sector-specific know-how to deliver true innovation.


Highly skilled specialists at all levels of security


Brunel has specialists who can add real value to defense projects. Experts in car networking systems and weapons development. Project managers as well as structural, electronic and systems engineers. People with the skills to optimize existing vehicles, or to develop new systems or security parts. Professionals with experience at all levels of security. Backed by account managers with the sector know-how to provide valuable advice and the commitment to respond quickly with solutions  that work.