As competition grows, Brunel helps you stay ahead.


 As production shifts from traditional centres to new markets, a lack of quality engineers makes this a challenging sector. But challenges are opportunities. For companies who can address environmental demands in areas like lightweight construction and lithium batteries. Or innovate in terms of car-to-car communications and entertainment. But it will require world class experts and project managers, and an infrastructure that can drive the innovations required to keep ahead of the competition.  


The best automotive experts is only part of our support


Brunel support goes further. Specialist project managers and design, quality, structural and field engineers. Experts skilled in developing and testing for components, modules and systems. With know-how in tools from Matlab/Simulink to FEM and CAD. But also Brunel Car Synergies, an accredited test lab specialized in embedded systems. Delivering efficient support to your innovation development. Support led by sector-savvy account managers who understand your needs and ensure they’re quickly met.