Training & Development

The right specialist in the right place – this is Brunel’s incessant challenge. Our clients count on us and on the specialists we deploy. That’s why we ensure that our specialists can operate at the highest level. That’s why we set up a programme that matches your abilities, your specialist qualities and your personal profile.


We draw up your development path based on your wishes, profile, educational background, professional experience, competencies and skills, and arrange the necessary courses and training. Within our organisation, we offer a wide range of certified courses in virtually every imaginable field of knowledge. Brunel will not only find the right educational path for your career, it will also find the employer that suits your future.


Brunel invests heavily in monitoring the quality of its employees and attaches great value to ensuring that knowledge and development are up to date. To this purpose, Brunel has developed an educational programme in collaboration with external training agencies.


Your education will remain up-to-date thanks to courses, skill training and studies. We do not have a standard educational package but approach training flexibly so it matches the individual needs of our employees. Personal specialist development is first and foremost – within an environment that is inspiring.